A message of hope from ChemArt in honor of breast cancer awareness month!

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The formal definition of courage is the choice and willingness to confront agony, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation.  Here at ChemArt, we firmly believe these qualities are embodied by our fellow employee, Pat Kubacki, a survivor of Breast Cancer.

I have Hope hopePAT

October is National Breast Cancer month.  The initiative was designed to raise awareness and raise the funds needed to continue important research, so that one day we may find a cure for this life threatening illness.

Breast cancer has touched all of us either directly or indirectly through someone we know.  In 2005 it hit home for the ChemArt family when one of our long time employees, Pat Kubacki, was diagnosed with Stage 3b Breast Cancer.

One week after receiving the heartbreaking diagnosis which carried only 17% chance of survival, Pat buckled up for one of the scariest and most challenging journeys of her life.  After 15 weeks of intense chemotherapy, a mastectomy and 6 weeks of radiation, we are extremely happy to announce that she is in remission.

Defying the odds is just one of Pat’s many accomplishments; she is an avid runner, a musician, a talented artist and a loving sibling, daughter and friend, who personifies courage and strength. She is an inspiration to all of us at ChemArt and to those who are currently struggling to beat this disease.

Pat’s biggest piece of advice is to take each roadblock “one day at a time” and to always have hope, regardless of circumstances, because each new day can be better than the last!

Pat’s story not only taught us to find strength through adversity but it shined a light on a disease that many of us knew little about.  Pat had NO family history of breast cancer, so it’s not always an indicator for whether or not you are at risk.  It’s so important to get tested and to conduct self-exams so that you have the best chance for early detection.

We hope that Pat’s story gives you hope and courage to never give up on the fight because the odds can be beaten!  She is proof!

To learn more about breast cancer visit; ww5.komen.org, www.cancer.org, www.nationalbreastcancer.org



A message of HOPE in honor of breast cancer awareness month!

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I have Hope PAThope


Give Your Donors a Compelling Reason to Stay Connected to Your Cause!

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Keeping donors engaged and connected to your organization is one of the most challenging things to overcome for a nonprofit.  You search for unique and innovative ways to keep donors giving, to get them to give at a higher level or to increase awareness for your cause.

You’re probably asking yourself, what does ChemArt have to offer that would help me achieve annuity giving?  The answer,  is that we offer all that is great about your nonprofit, in a unique collectible program that pulls at the heart-strings of your donors and ties into the reason they gave in the first place.

Each year that donor continues to give or starts to give more because they are hooked.  They have become collectors of your unique annual ornament program and look forward to seeing the next collectible in the series.  A collectible that highlights the child they are helping to feed, the woman battling breast cancer, the fight to have clean water in a third world country, the animal they are helping to rescue, etc.

An annual collectible program gives your donors the compelling reason they need to stay connected to your cause! 

Find out more at http://www.chemart.com

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Bristol, Rhode Island – Home of the Oldest 4th of July Celebration in America!

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bristol4thofjulyparadeimages Written by Ana Lopes

Spending my childhood in picturesque Bristol, Rhode Island was not a bad deal at all. Many of my fondest memories are centered on the Annual 4th of July Parade, as I’m sure they are for many “Bristolians.”

As a kid, I remember my dad getting up a 5 a.m. to put our chairs out and watching over them like a hawk, to protect our prime piece of parade watching real estate.

We sat outside for hours listening to the endless marching bands, over stimulated by all of the beautiful floats and we can’t forget the guys wheeling around their shopping carts loaded with plastic horns and blow up dinosaurs that were guaranteed to break the bank!

Now if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, we move on to the cookouts where too many hot dogs were consumed (150 Million nationwide to be exact), then onto the fireworks with our sparklers in hand lighting up the night sky.

Growing up in Bristol, I didn’t realize how important the Parade was to our community because you don’t appreciate that kind of thing until you’re older and wiser. However, as an adult, I look back and think about how lucky I was to spend every 4th at “America’s Oldest 4th of July Celebration” which has been held in Bristol since 1785!

Go figure, the smallest state in the US has the oldest 4th of July celebration and I work for the ChemArt Company who manufactures the largest ornament program of its kind, for the White House Historical Association, in that same state!

Happy 4th of July from Your Friends at the ChemArt Company…

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Richard E. Beaupre Center for Chemical and Forensic Sciences

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Architectural Rendering of the Richard E. Beaupre Center for Chemical and Forensic Sciences
Architectural Rendering of the Richard E. Beaupre Center for Chemical and Forensic Sciences at the University of Rhode Island Campus

ChemArt is pleased to announce that Rhode Island Governor, Gina Raimondo signed law S393 into effect, naming the Richard E. Beaupre Center for Chemical and Forensic Sciences at the University of Rhode Island on Friday, May 22nd 2015.

Over the years Richard has donated to the University of Rhode Island helping hundreds of students through the Beaupre Hope and Heritage Fund. To learn more about the fund please follow the link: http://www.uri.edu/artsci/dean/beaupre.shtml

Mr. Beaupre’s legacy will be forever etched in time and his generosity will continue to aid students who are beginning their journey into the field of Chemistry and Forensic Science. URI took a chance on him and now he is making sure to pay it forward by giving a chance to hundreds of others.

“I have one life and one chance to make it count for something… My faith demands that I do whatever I can, wherever I am, whenever I can, for as long as I can, with whatever I have, to try to make a difference.”
— Jimmy Carter

Happy Memorial Day from ChemArt

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Memorial Day is an important day to recognize the sacrifices our troops have and continue to make, in order to keep America safe!  As a veteran owned small business, who proudly manufactures in the USA, ChemArt would like to say THANK YOU to all of those who serve, have served and who have lost their lives for their country!

It is also a time where we fire up the grill, fill the coolers and gather our family and friends to kick start summer with a Memorial Day extravaganza!

As we get ready to overindulge in in the many delicious Memorial Day treats and festivities, we thought we’d share some interesting facts.  Why not liven up the party with some Memorial Day trivia!

  • Do you know that Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day? Well, we didn’t either!  The reason it was called decoration day was because each year soldiers would honor the deceased by decorating the graves of their fallen comrades with flowers, flags and wreaths, hence the term decoration day.
  • Memorial Day became its title in the 1880’s but it was not until 1967 that the holiday was legally termed Memorial Day, as we know it today!
  • In December 2000, Congress passed a law requiring Americans to pause at 3 p.m. local time on Memorial Day to remember and honor the fallen. This does not appear to be common knowledge among most American’s.
  • According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, and yes there is such a thing, Americans will eat over 7 Billion Hot Dogs between Memorial Day and Labor Day. That’s right 7 BILLION!
  • In addition to the national holiday, nine states officially set aside a day to honor those who died fighting for the Confederacy in the Civil War: Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia. The days vary, but only Virginia observes Confederate Memorial Day on the last Mon­day of May, in accordance with the federal observance of Memorial Day.
  • Waterloo, N.Y. is considered the birthplace of this holiday because the people of Waterloo were the first people to proclaim a day on May 5, 1866 to honor the soldiers who died in the Civil War. They closed their businesses and placed flowers and flags on the graves of their soldiers. Flags were flown at half-mast.

ChemArt works with hundreds of Military organizations like, the Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund, AAFES, Naval Exchange, Marine Corps Exchange, Homes For Our Troops and  many more, to create annual collectible programs that help them raise funds, thank donors and commemorate special events.

If you have an interest in starting your own annual tradition please visit us at www.chemart.com/How-to-Create-Your-Own-Keepsake_ep_43-1.html

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